Meet the team

Joe Schneider - CTO, Founder, and House Musician

Joe Schneider is a technology nerd by day, and a technology nerd by night. He co-founded Flamingo to make a difference in the world of education, with a focus on affordability and sustainability. He is frustrated by the egregious victimization of students by publishers for profit, and Flamingo is the sweet pink cape of justice that will bring better educational outcomes to all.

His best day ever is when he got married, the births of both his children, and the time a Flamingo customer said "I don't have words for how happy [this] will make us and our customers".

Joe's prior experience includes disrupting MRI/PGX for biotech powerhouse Invenshure, designing [AWESOME PRODUCT HERE] for Logic PD, and buliding *AWESOME SELF-DRIVING TRACTORS* for John Deere. He holds a Masters of Science in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from North Dakota State University.


Aaron Hurd - CEO, Founder, and Director of Tacky Lawn Ornaments

Aaron Hurd is a co-founder at Flamingo. In 2015, Aaron left his role in management consulting at Accenture Strategy to found Flamingo. During his engagements with Accenture strategy, he led teams of consultants to help his Fortune 500 clients realize millions of dollars in gains for his clients. Aaron has been involved in supply chain transformations, large-scale systems integrations, divestitures, and mergers. Prior to business school, he was a supply chain manager and software engineer for John Deere

The most exciting thing about working with college bookstores for Aaron is working with the people: "If we can marry the deep knowledge and experience of bookstore directors with our business and technology expertise, Amazon had better watch its back!"

Aaron holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University.

Think the Flamingo Hat is over the top? Want our House Musician to make your bookstore rock?

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