For a limited time,
we're offering a trial of our rental return reminder service
exclusively to NACS member stores.

Provide a better customer experience.
Get more of your rental books returned.
Spend less time chasing rental books at the end of the semester.

Name *

What to expect:

On the date you select, up to 30 students will receive the following rental reminder via text message:

"Quick reminder: You have rented books from <BOOKSTORE NAME>. Rental books are due on <DATE>. For questions, please call <BOOKSTORE PHONE NUMBER>."


When you sign up for a trial, we will reach out to answer any questions you have, we will ask what phone numbers you want the message sent to, and then we'll work our magic.

There is no cost for the trial and no obligation to continue to use our service.

Can I customize the messages? Can I send message to more students?

Yes and yes. We work with every client to make a customized messaging plan that is consistent with their branding, customer service plan, and messaging. Most clients send a series of several messages after purchase, prior to rental returns, during the week of rental returns, and after books are due. We also include the book titles to help students remember what they rented.

We have several service packages and can serve any size school, so we can help save you time, whether you rent books to 50 students or 50,000 students. Our pricing scales with the number of students your store serves.

For those students without cell phones? We can send automated voice reminders. Want email reminder sent out as well? We can handle that, too. Want text replies to work with your existing customer service email? We can do that... in fact, we invented that.

Want to get started? Just request a trial and when we contact you, let's discuss your store's needs.