Flamingo Buyback Reminders

We get more students to your store's buyback table than anyone else. Period.

Our text message buyback reminders are seen by 95% of recipients within 3 minutes.

Students receive personalized buyback information, based on their purchase history.

How does it work?

Start with Texting

Texting is the best way to inform your customers about buyback. Many students miss emails and are loathe to pick up the phone, but 95% of Flamingo Buyback Reminders are seen within 3 minutes.

Add Emails and Phone Messages

While texting is the most effective way to reach your students, we can handle emails and automated phone calls too. Leave the legwork to us.

Innovative Customer Service

What if texting could be a customer service channel to increase sales and make your students happier? Using Flamingo to enhance your customer service feels natural to students and can supercharge your store's customer service experience.

We offer a solution to fit your store's needs.

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