Our Approach

Our approach to helping our clients begins with an understanding of how consumer retail is changing and culminates with a focus on customer experience.

How we buy is changing. Today’s consumers want less “stuff” and more experiences. What that means for retail is that a superior experience is a necessary part of your business, from the moment a person is aware of your store, through the entire life of the products they buy. We help stores create experiences that give their customers reasons to not only come back, but to look to them first.

We understand that customer experience is about more than the initial sale. Stores that invest in a holistic approach to customer experience can expect long term dividends. In practice, this means enabling your customers to reach you from the moment of awareness through the lifecycle of the products they buy in ways that are natural to them. What are the dividends? Customers who have had great experiences are more likely to purchase more and more often from you, they are more likely to sing your praises on social media, and they are less likely to return purchases.

We help you focus on customer experience so that you can avoid the trap of competing on price. Discounts can bring transactional business, but they devalue your brand and encourage a focus on a single dimension of value. Great brands understand that a great experience is more powerful than a rock-bottom price. We help you focus on the value you provide in the experience so that customers will pay more to do business with you.

We practice what we preach; we want our clients to be as happy as their customers. Learn how we help the Tivoli Station bookstore delight their customers 10,000 times every semester.


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