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Flamingo for textbooks app

Flamingo for Textbooks is the easiest way for students to sell their textbooks to each other on campus. And the best part? It's free. 

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FundOur.Club gives campus clubs a way to fund their operations while helping their members sell their old textbooks.


Buyback.Ninja helps bookstores return more money to their students and make more used books available.

Messaging for College Bookstores

Our fully-featured messaging suite for college bookstores. Love your student customers.

Flamingo Rental Reminders

We help bookstores get 100% of their rental books returned so that students don't have to pay full price.


We make connecting with your apartment manager feel like texting your best friend.


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We are always looking for motivated people who want to work with us to expand access to education in their communities. Let us know who you are and how you want to get involved.

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Are you a technical person? Can you help us with graphic design? Are you a bookstore director who wants to lower the cost of books? Tell us your story!